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What is Jomar Valve’s return policy?2023-11-27T13:39:01+00:00

Don’t want it? Don’t worry – returns and exchanges are easy and returnable up to one year from shipment date. Simply follow the Returns Claim Process below. Please note: all credits will be issued only after authorization and/or inspection by Jomar Valve.

What is the Returns Claim Process?2023-04-24T18:45:48+00:00

Need to make a return? Please follow the steps below:

  1. Contact our Customer Service department online or at (586) 268-1220 to begin the RGA process
  2. If instructed by Customer Service, complete the RGA form or Jomar Defective Questionnaire
  3. Return the product(s) in its original packaging at your own expense unless it is a factory defect or Jomar Valve error

Once approved, credits will be issued within 7 days of the product(s) being returned. If you have not received your credit, please contact a Customer Service Representative.

What happens if I need to send a defective product to Jomar?2023-05-19T20:41:56+00:00
  1. Jomar will request that you complete a Defective Returns Questionnaire and submit any pictures or information pertaining to the defective product(s)
  2. After reviewing the information received, we will notify you if we would like the product returned for further evaluation
  3. If you need a replacement product(s), Jomar will invoice you for the product(s)
  4. Upon evaluation:
    • If the product is deemed as a manufacturer defect, Jomar will issue you credit for the product
    • If the product is deemed as an installation error, Jomar will notify you. You must state if you would like the product returned back within 7 days

For additional detail, please refer to Jomar’s Warranty Policy.

What is the return policy on discontinued or assembled products?2022-11-01T19:48:43+00:00

Products that have been discontinued or assembled will not be returnable unless defective or Jomar Valve error.

What is the return policy on private labels and customized products?2022-11-01T19:49:58+00:00

Products with private labeling will not be returnable unless defective.

Products that have been oxygen cleaned may be returned for credit, less the oxygen fee.

Products must be reviewed within 30 days of purchase for errors. After 30 days, private labels and custom products cannot be returned.

Can I use third party shipping?2023-04-24T18:40:01+00:00

Yes. Please note that third party shipping requires the billing address of the UPS account number associated with it.

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