who we serve

Jomar Valve is proud to serve wholesalers, contractors, & engineers
with high-quality, innovative products to meet the demands of any project

Plumbing & Heating Valves

Jomar Valve is known for innovation and the ability to create products that best serve plumbing and heating market needs. Our robust product lineup offers the finest quality valve solutions, no matter the application.

balancing valves

With a commitment to create innovative and quality balancing products, Jomar Valve specializes in providing components and accessories that meet the unique needs of every balancing application. Our full suite of balancing valves offer engineered solutions for domestic hot water and mechanical balancing systems.

Liquid Propane & Natural Gas

Jomar Valve is a leader in the propane and gas industry and we continue to innovate products that not only meet, but exceed industry standards and needs. Our products feature durable design, multiple certifications, and are quality-engineered solutions that keep our customers safe.

Industrial & actuation

Jomar Valve has actively diversified its valve offering over the years to include a variety of industrial and automated valve solutions, growing into a strong supplier for PVF and Industrial customers today.