• Snap-N-Loc®

    As one of Jomar’s more popular basket strainers, the Snap-N-Loc® is known for its original spring-loaded ball bearing post design that snaps perfectly into place, creating a positive leak-proof seal every time. This popular strainer is constructed with a high quality stainless steel deep-cup body, ball bearing, and basket, and comes standard with a brass tail nut. With a sleek design and proven track record, it has become such a favorite among installers that it is offered in brushed or polished stainless steel finish.

    • 300 Grade Stainless or Brushed Stainless Steel Body
    • Basket Strainer w/Spring Loaded Ball Bearing
    • Steel Cup
    • Strainer Body
    • Rubber Washer w/Paper Follower
    • Zinc Lock Nut
    • Plastic Washer
    • Standard Brass Tail Nut



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