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Memory Stop

Fits any T-100, S-100 or JP-100 Series


Designed to help control the flow in applications where precision throttling is needed

  • Percentage flow rates printed on memory stop for precise flow control
  • Vibration free self-locking nut


Designed to be assembled on top of the stem assembly for easy and accurate flow control.

  1. Remove handle nut (leave handle in place).
  2. Slide numbered plate on stem over valve handle.
  3. Replace and tighten handle nut.
  4. With valve in full open position, place memory indicator on top of handle and over handle nut positioned at 100. This should place the indicator tail behind the handle stop.
  5. Loosely tighten down hex cap screw supplied with memory kit.
  6. While holding memory indicator tail, turn valve to desired opening and tighten.



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