• Twist-N-Loc

    Manufactured with the highest quality materials, the Twist-N-Loc® creates a positive metal-to-metal leak-proof seal with a simple twist. The Twist-N-Loc® starts with a high quality brass body, hand knob, and post. Every Twist-N-Loc® comes standard with a high quality stainless steel basket and a brass tail nut. To satisfy every application need, this contractor favorite is offered in chrome plated brass or brushed stainless steel finishes.

    • 300 Grade Brushed Stainless Steel or Chrome Plated Brass Body
    • Basket Strainer w/Multi-Turn Twist Connection
    • Strainer Body
    • Rubber Washer w/Paper Follower
    • Zinc Lock Nut
    • Plastic Washer



  • Twist-N-Loc
    • 400 Grade Stainless Steel Body
    • Metal-to-Metal Leakproof Seal with a Simple Twist
    • Stainless Steel Basket
    • Brass Body, Hand Knob, Bearing Post
    • Standard Brass Tail Nut